GX 1000 (40" x 21" x 21")

About Bridgeport GX-Series - Performance (X,Y,Z)

Increased manufacturing flexibility and improved machining performance are essential for companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge. In response to these new demands Bridgeport has launched a new line of GX VMCs.

Key Specifications

Milling Specification
Approx Machine Weight:
12,408 lbs (5,640 kg)
Floor Space:
116.30" x 86.22" x 106.81" (2,955 mm x 2,190 mm x 2,713 mm)
Control Type:
Fanuc i Series GX
Tool Changer:
30 Tools
Spindle Speed:
10,000 RPM
Spindle Horsepower:
15/20/34.8 HP (11/15/26 kW)
Spindle Taper:
No. 40 Big Plus
Working Surface:
44.09" x 21.25" (1,120 mm x 540 mm)
Travels: X,Y,Z
40.16" x 21.25" x 21.25" (1,020 mm x 540 mm x 540 mm)

Product Description

Superior design characteristics ensure Bridgeport 40-taper spindle GX-Series vertical machining centers deliver many years of accurate and reliable machining performance. These VMCs include a stiff and thermally-stable spindle, a rigid C-frame fixed column design, and fixed pre-tensioned double-nut ball screws on all axes. The unique Bridgeport-designed linear guide and guide truck configuration provides added stiffness, damping and surface contact area. Unit is configured with three guideways and five guide trucks on both the X- and Y-axis; two guideways and six guide trucks on the Z-axis.


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