HMTS2017 Schedule

HMTS 2017 - June 6th Local Youth Education Day - June 7th, Cutting Demos, Seminars, SUPER-PRECISION, Additive Manufacturing - June 8, cutting demos, seminars

Machines on display include:

  • From Turning: T-Series machine 42 and 51, Conquest H51 (3), GT, CHNC, Talent 51, Talent GT
  • From Milling: XT 630 5AX, V320, V480 APC, V480, V710, GX 250 5AX, GX300, V1000, Knee Mill
  • From The Hardinge Grinding Group: Usach 75, Usach 100 T-4, and Jones & Shipman Suprema
  • Hardinge Workholding including our Swiss and FlexC product lines

Turning Milling Grinding Workholding

Mitsubishi Mobile Showroom

Join Hardinge for a tour of the Mitsubishi SOLUTIONS IN MOTION Mobile Showroom!

Mitsubishi Mobile Showroom

Inside the solutions in motion trailer…

Servo & Motion: Innovative features such as one-touch auto-tuning and advanced vibration suppression boost productivity with reliability, speed, and safety.

Robot: Powerful, precise, and compact - ideal for applications with payloads up to 20kg

Process: Scalable control platform and connectivity options reducing costs and improving profitability

Software: Integrated software suite used for visualization, programming, troubleshooting and maintenance of automated assets

CNC: High performance control platforms to meet all the needs of the Machine Tool Industry

Energy: Manage energy consumption with real-time monitoring and reporting analytics

e-F@ctory: Plant floor to enterprise IT connectivity - improve the performance