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Obtain optimum throughput for your production facility or job shop. The Talent TT Series machines provide ultimate flexibility, capability, functionality and maximum productivity all with minimal operator intervention. The machine is configured with 8 axis for the most demanding production requirements. Either turret is capable of working on either spindle, independently or simultaneously, without limitations for maximum part processing flexibility to reduce cycle times. Additionally, should the need arise either the secondary spindle or the lower turret can be used as a tailstock for added functionality.

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Technical Data
Spindle Nose A2-5 A2-6
Power Rating / Spindle Speed (max) 11 kW / 5000 m-1 11 kW / 5000 m-1
Max. Machining Length 17.125” (435 mm) 16.102” (409 mm)
Max. Machining Diameter 8.582” (218 mm) 8.582” (218 mm)
Max. Bar Capacity 1.653” (42 mm) 2.047” (52 mm)
Number of turret stations (BMT45) 16 station 16 station
Machine Weight 16500 lbs (7500 kg ) 16500 lbs (7500 kg )
Machine Dimensions (L x D x H) 148.1” x 80.1” x 79.4” (3761 mm x 2034 mm x 2018 mm) 148.1” x 80.1” x 79.4” (3761 mm x 2034 mm x 2018 mm)
All information is subject to change without notice
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