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The Kellenberger® 100 is a new high-performance, economical grinder for any of your universal grinding requirements. It delivers the most diverse of configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations.

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Technical Data
Main specifications metric
Distance between centres mm 600 / 1'000
Centre height mm 200
Weight of workpiece between centres kg up to 150
Load on chucked work Nm up to 200
Mains voltage required V 3 x 380V/50 Hz / 3 x 460V/60Hz
Power consumption depending on equipment A up to 80
Space required / length x width mm 2700 x 2200 / 3500 x 2200
Longitudinal slide: Z-axis
Travel mm 760/1150
Rapid traverse speed m/min up to 20
Resolution µm 0.1
Wheelslide: X-axis
Travel mm 365
Rapid traverse speed m/min up to 10
Resolution µm 0.1
Swivel devices
Swiveling range ° 280
Automatic indexing ° 1
Resolution B-axis ° 0.00003
Wheelhead general
Oil-air lubracation spindle kW 11.5
Wheel constant speed m/s up to 63
Max. wheel diameter mm Ø 500 x 100
Internal grinding attachment
Bore for spindles up to mm Ø 150
Power, HF S1 spindles kW 4.2 - 15
Rotation speed min-1 4'500 - 90'000
Workhead 100 / 150
Resolution C-Axis ° up to 0.00003
Rotation spindle speed min-1 1 - 1'000
Drive torke Nm up to 63
Interface MT5/ISO702-1, size 5
Roundness accuracy in chucked work µm up to 0.2
Internal taper MT4
Retraction of sleeve mm 49
Micro-adjustment µm up to ±150 / Ø
All information is subject to change without notice
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