Hardinge technical services grinding super-precision lathes

Technical Help Desk Support and Service

When Time is of the Essence

Hardinge is committed to providing industry leading technical support and service to ensure your machine investment is protected. Contact Us: 1-800-843-8801 Option 4 for Service, Option 5 for Applications, or Click Here to request service.

Spare Parts

We have what you need.

Three ways to get what you need

Visit shophardinge.com to find what you need, or contact us at:
1-800-843-8801 Option 3, or email parts@hardinge.com



Not New – but the performance is like new.

Main assemblies are subject to wear, which is often concentrated only on a few parts.

When overhauling these assemblies, we analyze their condition and provide you with an individual cost estimate.

The refurbishment ranges from a re-alignment to a complete overhaul including painting and scrapping.

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Hardinge offers on-site or off-site training for a variety of topics related to your machines. Please contact us: 1-800-843-8801 Option 4, or click here to request training.





The Health Check-Up for your machine

Our focus is to identify any early stage damages or wear, which could lead to a safety issue or an unscheduled stop of your machine.


Start Up

Startup – The Key to Long-term Success

  • Do your machines need to be relocated?
  • Have you recently purchased a new machine?
  • Did you purchase a second hand machine?


During the commissioning, the machine functions will be checked combined with training your personnel in the operation of the machine.



Whether you are looking at adding on the latest technologies or even a potential controls upgrade, let us know and we can work with you to discuss the options that best fit your requirements.